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Fresh and tempting meat from RedMart's AW's market to your kitchen every day

Fresh produce always has its own taste and flavor. That is why many families still believe in going to a local butcher shop to buy their meat. This, however, is a time-consuming affair. How amazing will it be if you can find the freshest of meat delivered to you without stepping out of the house? AW's market does this for you. Meat lovers in Singapore definitely will know this brand. Established as a small butchery in 1988, the brand has grown to become one of the top places to check out to buy the freshest of meats. You can now order the products of this brand from RedMart.

This brand offers all kinds of meat hygienically to its customers. Many people love eating meat but are unsure how to cut and prep before cooking them. For such individuals, the brand offers pre-cut and cleaned meat pieces that come in nice and safe packaging. Fresh chicken can be used  so many ways. You can make soups, stews, chicken rice, noodles, and even add them to stir-fries. You can pick between chicken thighs, chicken bone, whole chicken, minced chicken, and even black chicken from the brand. 

Tender and drool-worthy meat based dinners with fresh produce

Singaporeans cannot do without pork. It is a very basic kind of meat that they use for making breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. The fresh pork of this brand comes in a variety of cuts. The Indonesian pork with big bone tastes amazing when you make a stew out of it. Many families also enjoy a traditional satay with this pork. The pork ribs can be made into a tasty grilled recipe that can be enjoyed with a bowl of hot rice. The fresh beef heel muscle is very low in fat and is great when slow-cooked. You can also enjoy buying pre-cut beef briskets and using them oven-roasted.

In RedMart's page on Lazada, fresh meat of all types can be ordered very easily. Products that are not delivered fresh from us are eligible for our moneyback guarantee. This has always been our freshness policy and we stick by this. Our islandwide delivery policy can be used to get your products shipped to your location. We deliver on all days from 7 AM to 10 PM. Is another seller offering you the exactly identical products that we have for regular selling prices even lower? We will pay you two times the price difference for these then. All our LiveUp members get a 5% rebate for their orders and their orders valued over SGD 40 get free delivery services too. 

Why choose AW's market on RedMart? 

  • The brand works with the best of domestic and international wet markets. 
  • All the products of the brand come with clear mentions of expiry dates. 
  • This brand promises exotic meat cuts to customers at affordable costs.