Track your fitness regime with exercise and fitness GPS trackers

Activity trackers, also called as exercise and fitness GPS tracker, are basically devices that actively monitor and track all the fitness-related metrics in your daily life. These include activities like total distance walked or run in a day, calorie consumption, heartbeat and even sometimes the quality of sleep. As a matter of fact, the trackers are basically termed as smartwatches which are mostly synced wirelessly, to smartphones and computers for tracking long-term data. This technology has vastly transformed the general healthcare system because it allows continuous monitoring of the patients without hospitalization. It has also become popular in sports training for its increased facilities like measuring of sweat rate, muscle motion, monitoring of heart rate, which were possible only in laboratories a few years back. The trackers are available with as well as without a display. But certain movements by the user can distort the results including household work, dancing, swimming, rowing and sexual activities. Also, the applications used by some of the trackers transmit personal data to the internet servers without taking the permission of the user.

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The difference between exercise and fitness GPS trackers

Fitness trackers have been in the market for several years now in one form or the other. But with the recent advancements in its technology, the popularity of this gadget has exploded. Basically, fitness GPS trackers are equipped with a digital screen which displays several fitness statistics and with buttons which allow you to use the device. Some of them are equipped with the qualities of a smartwatch like streaming media, displaying text or call, etc., while others are designed for certain specific sports. For instance, waterproof trackers for swimmers, cyclocomputers for the cyclists, etc. They assist the athletes to track heart rate, distance traveled, training duration, speed, etc.

Exercise GPS trackers, on the other hand, are known for their accuracy. This is simply because these trackers use a better GPS technology instead of simple accelerometers, thus proving the most accurate statistics. Also, these devices are not at all dependent on synchronizing with a smartphone and as a result, you can get hold of your training data instantly. This also helps in making instant modifications to your exercise techniques if you are not satisfied with the data received from the trackers. The trackers are easily available for purchase on this online shopping portal which is currently offering its customers with an amazing deal of free shipping to their doorstep. Also if the product doesn't suit your requirement, you can simply return the product thanks to the free return policy of the portal.