Gin is not just any other alcoholic drink

Drinking alcohol is never considered a healthy choice. However, in the case of gin, there are many benefits we can think of. It originated as a herbal medicine in the middle ages and it is a commercial alcohol today. It is a drink derived from juniper berries. The name of the liquor itself is from the juniper seeds. It is the shortened term of genièvre, which is the French name for junipers.  

Genièver is the predecessor to gin. This alcohol was developed in the 18th century in the Dutch kingdom and became famous throughout Europe in this era. It is produced by various methods of which pot distilling is the oldest. In this method, the grain mash is traditionally distilled and again re-distilled with botanicals such as juniper for flavoring. The other methods are compound distillation where the flavors are added to neutral spirits, and column distillation.

Be your own bartender

You can drink a gin without any addition or make a cocktail out of it. The martini cocktail drink is the most famous drink in the world. The other drinks include white lady, Gibson, and Singapore sling from our beautiful country. The Bombay Sapphire gin, for instance, is a fabulous base for a martini. This gin variety is known for its 10 ingredients and the incomparable taste. Host a party at your home and impress your friends with your gin-based cocktails. If you want a drink with your taste selections, then go for the Gordon London dry gin. It is virtually tasteless and it adapts the aroma you add to it, all the while keeping the smoothness of a gin intact. Coming to the benefits of this alcohol, consume it in the right quantity and you can overcome a variety of health problems. This liquor is known for curing digestive troubles and joint woes. The bitter taste of juniper seeds used in this drink helps in secreting more digestive enzymes for a clean breakdown of foods. So, a shot of gin after your meal will help in digestion. Drinking alcohol damages liver right? Well in the case of this alcoholic type, it is the opposite. Gin flushes out your digestive system and is diuretic in nature, which means it will help the liver. So, get your hands on this wonderful juniper drink and start making cocktails.

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