Get a pancake mix from RedMart and have healthy, tasty breakfasts 

Pancakes are an eternal favorite of most people! Their form varies in different parts of the world. For instance, the American pancake is thick, the British pancake is thinner and crepe-like, whereas the French Crepe is thin and has a lace-like network. Whatever their type, they are relished by the young and old alike. Available on sweet and savory flavors, they can be enjoyed any time of the day, with fillings or without them too. However, in today’s busy times, making a pancake from scratch becomes cumbersome and hence, manufacturers have come up with dry pancake mixes that cut the work to almost half! Those in Singapore who love eating pancakes can pick up a pancake mix from any of the leading brands from RedMart and enjoy it whenever they want. 

Love chocolate flavored pancakes? Find the best pancake mix for that here. Does your kid like his pancake to be red in color? This seller has a solution for that too in the form of beetroot pancake mix. Whatever your preference, you will find them all here. The healthy chocolate pancake mix contains ingredients such as wheat flour, sugar, cocoa powder, leaving agents, salt, and flavor. They even contain baking powder and emulsifiers that help make the perfect chocolate pancakes. Just open a pack of this dry mix, add milk or buttermilk and eggs, give a good mix and make the yummiest pancakes ever in a jiffy! 

Time to enjoy delicious waffles at home 

Apart from the instant pancake mix, RedMart also stocks up on premium quality waffle mix. If you want to impress your family with red waffles, buy the red velvet mix that is made from beetroot powder and cocoa along with wheat flour, emulsifiers, baking powder etc. Just mix this dry powder with other ingredients of your choice and use a waffle maker to come up with delicious red velvet waffles right in your kitchen at home. Serve these waffles warm, topped with whipped cream and fruits of your choice and your family will talk about this yummy dessert for a long time to come! The seller also stocks dry bread mixes and cake mixes which can be used on days when you are running short of time and yet have to make bread or cakes. 

Place your order on RedMart at Lazada Singapore for the best pancake and waffle mix. Customers buying edibles from us can be sure about the freshness of the products as we offer a money back guarantee when selling edibles, fruits, vegetables, meat, and seafood. We also offer a storewide price match guarantee. Customers who find the same product at a lower regular selling price with a competitor will be paid twice the difference in price by us. We deliver all over the island, between 7 AM and 10 PM, on all seven days of the week. LiveUp members get a discount of 5% on their orders and free doorstep delivery when their order amount is more than SGD 40.