Rum makes the best cocktails that enhance your manliness

It is regarded as the underappreciated spirit among the sophisticated people since it is perceived as a product of piracy and slavery. However, it can be enjoyed as a foundation for quite a variety of cocktails, with ice or neat. Most men regard whiskey, gin, vodka as some of the sophisticated drinks for the men. It is vital to familiarize with its rich history to appreciate how to drink it in order to enjoy the spirit as well as its varied cocktails. Rum is an alcoholic drink that is distilled from sugarcane’s raw juice or molasses. It is bottled right after distillation giving a clear product that is majorly used as a cocktail mixer. It can also be aged in barrels for a year or more. This develops a rich, dark spirit, similar to whisky. It is majorly produced in the Caribbean. This is due to the great weather that facilitates its ageing process. It is known to age quicker than other spirits since it contains fewer congeners than other scotches and bourbons that need less mellowing.

You can achieve various variations with rum. For instance, you can serve it clear or dark, spiced and aged or colored. This enables you to get quality rum for less cost than other spirits and whiskeys while enjoying it on ice or neat. It was first distilled by slaves in the 1600s within the Caribbean region. This was among the renowned drinks that were popularly traded between the Europeans and the Caribbeans. Its inferior status was earned by its being a major reserve for the slaves while their masters enjoyed the whisky, gin and vodkas. It is also believed the club rum was also a major favorite among the pirates, taken to increase their bravery before wars. This once cheap drink has evolved today becoming a superb mixer enjoyed as a sipper giving savory taste to your cocktails.

Getting the best experience out of rum cocktails

To get the best out of rum cocktails, like a variety of Bacardi gold rum cocktails, it is critical to use a glass that is tapered at the top. This helps to concentrate its aromas enabling your enjoying the cocktail. This is because when taking it, you need to smell with your nose slightly over the brim of the glass, or your mouth open partially taking a sniff. When taking the initial sip, allow it coat your mouth, then swirl the drink in your mouth before swallowing. Take the drink in small sips giving you dessert tastes and flavors.

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