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Secure your premises and offices with technologically advanced 360 cameras

In today’s busy world, data theft is a prime concern, and you need a camera like 360 camera which can help you to keep watch at your office as well as your home. This camera can provide you with continuous monitoring of an area with no moving parts, that in return can save on maintenance costs. It also gives you access to a visual field that covers 360 degrees i.e. everything around you. The lens of the camera can capture everything in all directions and is also changing the face of photography for travelers. This camera also helps to shoot quality 360-degree videos. These trendy 360 cameras are cherished by the younger generation and travel enthusiasts in Singapore. 

The 360 action camera helps you to shoot like a professional. It can reframe the best part of your shot. This camera also can automatically create a pro-level edit with ultra-smooth camera movements. It is great for scuba diving and other underwater uses. You can shoot in slow motion with this action camera. The all-new flow state stabilization helps you capture smooth video, no matter what you are doing. You can shoot mind-blowing epic shots easily with its all-new bullet time effect. You can move through the center of a scene thus, taking every angle up to 240 FPS. And the smart track feature follows any subject to give you a perfectly stable video. It features easy and stunning hyperlapses. 

Take breathtaking pictures of travel with 360 cameras in Singapore

Other than the best 360 cameras, you will also get different types of accessories. For example, the dual battery can charge two batteries simultaneously, thus saving your time. It features 60-minute fast charging. The charging voltage is 4.35V. The battery has a capacity of 1200 mah and this battery ensures that the camera stays powered up even when you are far away. This rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery weighs only 25g. The charging progress is clearly shown with red and green power LEDs. It comes with one charging station, one power cable, one power adapter, and one instruction manual. The power rating of this battery is 3.8V DC. The battery comes with a dual slot. The power adapter features 9V/2A. 

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