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Drinking black tea can not only relax your senses and energize you, but it can also boost heart health, lower blood pressure and sugar, enhance digestion, help maintain weight and may reduce the risk of stroke. And the good news is that Redmart now has different kinds of flavorful black teas to make every tea drinking session special for you. These iced black teas are especially refreshing on hot summer days and can be enjoyed at home or carried on trips. They are loaded with antioxidants, are devoid of any harmful chemicals, and promise exquisite taste and aroma. You can serve these to guests and make any occasion extra stylish.

The ice lemon tea, for instance, is infused with authentic flavors and is fresh as well as calming. It lacks added sugar or flavors and boasts of zero calories. The ice passion fruit tea has a rich reddish brown color and is naturally sweet and delightful. You can also try the peach iced tea, which combines premium quality black tea with real juice from peaches! Delicately brewed, this tea ensures you feel calm and rejuvenated with every sip. The mango tea with chamomile is a blend of Ayataka Green Tea and real mango juice, which gives it a unique taste full of sweetness and freshness. Consider buying the iced blueberry tea if you are looking for a concoction that is replete with antioxidants. Real blueberry juice gives it an unusual flavor and fragrance.

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Are you looking for a tea that is as elegant as it is flavorful and healthy? Then try the red tea which boasts of a lavish taste and unique aromas, sufficient to make any afternoon tea session memorable. Prepared with superior quality tea leaves, it is devoid of preservatives, artificial coloring and rich in natural antioxidants. The winter melon tea is also a must try, if you like subtle sweetness and extra freshness. It is an authentic Asian drink with zero preservatives. The iced oolong tea is ideal for those who prefer rich, roasted flavors and a smooth taste. You will find bottles, cans as well as tetra packs of these teas online now so that you can choose as per your need and budget.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out what Redmart is offering on Lazada and place an order without any hassle. All these iced teas come with a freshness promise with a money back guarantee. We also deliver islandwide, throughout the week, from 7 am to 10 pm. You can also expect to save significantly with our price match guarantee. Is a competitor store offering an identical product at a lower regular selling price? Tell us and we will compensate you with double the difference! Lazada LiveUp members can additionally benefit from free delivery on purchases valued above SGD 40. They will also get a 5% off on every order.