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Replenish essential lost fluids with energy drinks from RedMart 

Energy drinks give people an instant burst of energy. As such, they are preferred by people, such as athletes and sportspersons, for a boost in their stamina levels. Additionally, drinks that contain caffeine also help improve alertness and are quite high in demand among the young and old alike. Most of the leading brands of energy drinks contain essential vitamins and antioxidants and help boost the immune system. Recent brands even ensure that their products release energy in a sustained manner and thus, do not lead to an energy slump, which is usually associated with drinks loaded with sugar. Reports suggest that the sale of energy drinks, in 2018 rose 4.1% as compared to their sales in 2017. 

In Singapore, customers can choose and buy from a large variety of energy drinks on RedMart. Those who are looking for a drink for their pre-workout time can choose the one that is based on high-quality beta-alanine, tyrosine, red beetroot extract, taurine, and citrulline malate. This drink contains branched chains of amino acids that help protect muscles from catabolism while simultaneously reducing the regeneration time. This is often considered the best energy drink as it also contains additional vitamins that maintain standard energy-yielding metabolism. Available in nectarine-orange flavor, it tastes nice too! Just mix two scoops of this in a glass of water and get the instant kick that you were looking for. 

Go for sugar-free drinks to keep calorie intake in check 

RedMart also stocks up on sugar-free and healthy energy drinks. You can choose sparkling water in lemon, berry, and lime flavors. This sparkling energy water is free of sugar, does not have any sweeteners, and is vegan too. This type of natural energy drink does not contain any artificial ingredient and you can enjoy the original fruit flavors with each sip. If you are looking for stocking up on packs of lemon ice tea that contains vitamin B6 and are free of sugar, you can find those too. Keep these in your home or office and get a burst of energy even in the middle of the day!

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