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Learn about the different types of chai tea available at RedMart

After a long, hectic day at work, when we come back home, there is one thing that we crave for more than anything else. We might not be hungry, but a cup of warm chai tea is must to rejuvenate us almost instantly. Interestingly, tea can be of several types and each has its share of health benefits too. At RedMart, you can get different forms and types of this product, even the ones with unconventional flavors like the vanilla chai tea. Let us understand the different types and find out what this favorite beverage has in store for our health.

To begin with, there is the white tea, which is the least processed of all and is usually uncured and unfermented. The leaves of this tea are picked early even before the bid opens and then, they are sun-dried. Because they are hardly processed, white tea has minimal flavor and taste and therefore, not quite preferred for regular drinking. However, they are also the best chai tea in terms of health benefits because they contain high levels of antioxidants and work well in preventing diseases like cancer. The next most important variety of tea, which is often available in the form of the chai tea bags, is green tea. This one is less processed and less substantial than the other varieties. They are known to carry EGCG, a powerful antioxidant with numerous health benefits.

Savor the flavor and derive the health benefits of tea

If you are fond of the strong taste and flavor of the chai tea latte, then you must try out the oolong tea. This variety of tea typically goes through a fermentation and oxidation process. The leaves are fired at the end of the process to stop further fermentation. Oolong tea is good for lowering cholesterol levels. It is lighter than black tea, but stronger than green tea in terms of flavor. Black tea is the last and the fourth variety and it is the most processed of all. The tea leaves are completely fermented, leading to an essentially strong taste and flavor that tea addicts simply love. It contains high levels of caffeine and protects your lungs.

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