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Snack on light and delicious wafers from Redmart

There are times when you feel a little hungry but don’t want to fill up on anything rich or heavy. Or maybe you have guests coming over in the evening and you are looking to serve something that is light yet tasty! In such cases, different varieties of wafers can come to your aid. They taste great, melt in your mouth and are yet a little different from traditional snacks. The best place to get them all is Redmart as you will find a huge variety and that too from the top brands in the world. You can enjoy these wafers with tea or coffee, or add them to ice creams or sundaes to enhance the flavors and textures. Send your kids to school with a pack of wafers too, if they are not too keen on having the usual lunch. 

When you shop online, you will get both savory as well as sweet wafers that make for great after meal enjoyments. For instance, you can pick up the dark chocolate wafers and combine with some vanilla ice-cream to make a fabulous treat or get the tiramisu wafer cookie and add some chocolate sauce to it to make your own tiramisu dessert. These bite-sized crispy cookies are made with natural ingredients and have no trans fat or preservatives. Even the ice cream cones are a good buy. You can fill them with anything of your choice to conjure up a fabulous dessert. If you are looking at savory snacking options, try the crispy wafer with cream and add some cheese or chicken on it with herbs to make a delicious snack. 

Fresh and delicious wafers to satiate your cravings

Busy lifestyles often force you to compromise on your breakfast, when you are rushing to your workplace. Then, mini wafer snacks come in handy as they are easy to have on the go, filling and yet light. They are crisp, fresh, and bite-sized. So, you do not even have to go through the trouble of breaking or splitting them and dealing with crumbs. All you need to do is keep them in an airtight container after opening the pack so that they retain the taste and freshness. So, buy wafers online and stock up on your favorites, so that you can carry some to your office every day! 

Now, you can shop for all wafer brands from Redmart on Lazada as we offer islandwide delivery, throughout the week, anytime between 7 am and 10 pm. They are delivered extremely fresh or you get your money refunded. Plus, you can get them at the cheapest prices here. We offer a storewide price match guarantee for this. So, is our competitor offering you an identical pack of wafers at a lower regular selling price? Let us know and we will pay you double the difference. Also, LiveUp members can get additional benefits and save regularly by enjoying a 5% rebate on every order. We also offer them free delivery on purchases that exceed SGD 40.