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Have the perfect holiday meal with a compote from Redmart

The term compote has a French origin and it means ‘mixture’. Primarily originated in medieval Europe, compotes are famous everywhere in today’s world. They are available in a wide variety of flavors as well. Redmart on Lazada has some of the best sweet syrups you have ever tasted. They can make baked desserts delicious and you can also have them with juices and ice creams. Bursting with various fruit flavors, these syrups find a variety of uses. The store has some of the best vanilla syrups that are available in an amber yellow color and also have a very good texture. They also have a delightful nuance and a powerful aroma that is quite distinct. With this vanilla syrup, you can add some originality to your milk as well.

The maple syrup available on this store has a crisp and clean flavor with a bright golden color that is completely clear. The syrup is made from fresh maple sap and does not contain any preservatives. Bring the savory and sweet dishes to life with the help of this syrup. You can pour the chocolate syrup available here over pancakes and muffins and you can also enjoy it with fresh fruits like strawberries. You will also get 100% natural grenadine syrup that you can add to your drinks. It does not contain any artificial colors in it. The store has some of the best brands manufacturing the syrups, which are known for their superb quality. So, you can stay assured about the products.

Enliven your waffles and pancakes with these syrups

The waffle syrup available on this store can add the finishing touch to your waffles that will make them even more flavorsome. The store also has some of the best caramel syrup varieties that can completely elevate the taste of your coffee. The berry compote available here is made with the best quality British berries and has very little sugar content. You can spoon this compote onto your pancakes or you can also have it with your yogurt. A little bit of compote can make your breakfast a perfect treat. The compote is also available in an apricot variety and also a subtle tart variety made from rhubarb.

So, when you are searching for the best sugar syrup, Redmart on Lazada promises you to be the one-stop destination for all your needs. Our store has a very efficient island-wide delivery service that will deliver you the products between 7 am and 10 pm on all seven days of the week. We give you a money back guarantee on the freshness of these products. We also promise our customers that they can avail the products at the lowest rate. Is our competitor giving you the same product at a lower regular selling price? We will pay you double the difference when you let us know. We will give free delivery on orders above SGD40.00 to Lazada LiveUp members. They will also be entitled to an additional 5% off on every order from us.