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Sweets and snacks are perfect for beating sudden hunger pangs and boosting energy levels. Healthy snacks like dried cranberries, amla candy, walnuts, and baked almonds provide important nutrients to the body and keep your weight in check. Snacking between meals also helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and prevents you from overeating during mealtime. If you are looking to purchase snacks and sweets online, Redmart is where you can find a wonderful range of products at economical rates. The store has different types of biscuits, chips, sweets, mints, and many more products that are loved by children as well as adults. They are fresh, packed well, and perfect for carrying in the bag for any time snacking.

When you are looking for biscuits online, you can find different varieties such as digestive wheat biscuits, biscuit sticks, crispy wafers, caramelized biscuits, peanut butter sandwich biscuits, and butter shortbreads. Peanut butter sandwich biscuits have a creamy and nutty filling that is free of trans fat. It is delicious and perfect for snacking at home or while on the go. This online store also has rice and wheat crackers that are crispy, flavorful and healthy. Rice cracker is made of soy and Japonica rice. It is baked and does not contain any cholesterol. You can also find ice cream cones, breadsticks, rusk, brown rice seaweed biscuits, and wafer rolls.

Beat hunger pangs with your favorite snacks

Redmart also has different types of chocolate biscuits that are a favorite among chocolate lovers. Chocolate French, chocolate whole wheat, chocolate sandwich, chocolate wafers, and dark chocolate rice cake thins are some of the many biscuits that you can find here. Biscuits with chocolate chip are a favorite among children. Loaded with chocolate chips, they are delicious and crunchy. This online store also has different types of mints, chewy candies, and mouth fresheners. If you are looking for healthy snacks, dried cranberries are a good option. They are packed with antioxidants and nutrients and are good for your cardiovascular and dental health. You can also find hazelnut chocolate, salsa, salted pretzels, potato chips, rasgulla, and more.

Buy cookies, chocolates, and a range of other snacks from Redmart on Lazada and snack on them anytime. Our freshness promise on the products comes with a money back guarantee on the stale and spoilt ones. We also have a storewide price match guarantee. Is a competitor offering an identical product at a lesser price? Tell us and we will pay you two times the difference amount at the earliest. We deliver orders throughout the island between 7 AM and 10 PM, all seven days of the week. LiveUp members get a rebate of 5% on the orders from the store and also free delivery services for orders over SGD 40.00.

Why choose snacks and sweets from Redmart?

  • The store offers a huge collection of products such as biscuits, cookies, chocolates, sweets, and dry fruits
  • The products are fresh and of good quality
  • The products are packed neatly