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Antipasto is the first course that is served in a traditional Italian formal meal. It is the same course as an English appetizer or a French hors d’oeuvr. Italian antipasti (plural for antipasto) generally includes items such as olives, cured meats, different kinds of cheeses, artichokes, mushrooms, vegetables in vinegar or oil and picked meats. People outside Italy too love their antipasti when having a traditional Italian meal as it gives them an idea of the wonderful meal that is about to begin. In Singapore too, people like having antipasti and even include it in their Italian meal course at home. If you are someone who often likes to cook up a traditional Italian meal, then stock up on antipasti from RedMart. 

You can place your order for various kinds of antipasti with this seller. The seller has various kinds of olives, tomatoes, bruschetta, cheese and other kinds of traditional antipasti. If you like serving tomato antipasto, then choose the sun-dried tomatoes antipasto from this seller. This antipasto is made from Mediterranean tomatoes that are sundried and then marinated with just the right amount of capers and crushed garlic. Now, you can savor the authentic taste of tomato antipasto anywhere in Singapore. You can even buy yellowfin tuna in olive oil from this seller. This tuna is made using tender tuna loins that are then dipped in extra virgin olive oil. Love brochette? Then buy bruschettas that are finished with the finest quality of olive oil and garlic.

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This online seller is known for selling the best quality of products and hence you can be sure about the quality of antipasto that you get. If you love having cheese in your first course, then buy the marinated feta antipasto. This cheese is creamy cow’s milk that is hand cut and then marinated with parsley, black pepper and just a hint of chili. They also have delicate artichokes that are combined with olive oil and aromatic vegetables. If you love olive antipasto with salad dressing, then choose the olive selection antipasto that has plump Greek Kalamata and pimento stuffed olives in a marinade of garlic and herbs. You can also get spicy pitted green olives or olives stuffed with cheese. Apart from these, anchovy in olive oil and many other kinds of antipasti are available here too.

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