Make all your dishes taste richer with cooking cream from RedMart

Cream is one of the best inventions ever made in the kitchen. The fact that you can get a thick, tasty and creamy component from plain milk is just amazing. Cream is the fat component of the regular milk that you drink. You get very little fat from a large cup of milk and that is why good cream is quite expensive. The more fat a pack of cream contains, the thicker it would be. Cooking cream is basically cream that you can add to a dish at low or medium heat and not worry about the cream splitting. For cooking purposes, you get low fat, regular, and high fat cream to pick from.

You can buy cooking cream easily now on RedMart. All variants are available here at very affordable prices. If you are looking for the best cream that adds absolute richness to your dessert, baked goodies, or your main dish, pick heavy cream. These usually have up to 40% fat and are super creamy and delicious. Whipped cream is another popular choice that people like. This contains 30-35% fat and is used over cakes, pastries, ice creams, and other sweet desserts. If you plan to add cream to your dish and heat it furthermore, heavy cream or whipped versions are safer to use.

Choose from top brands and get the tastiest cream home 

There are a lot of people who try and stay away from high fat. For such people, the best cream for cooking is half-and-half cream. This has just 10-12% fat and is considered slightly thicker than milk. So, whether you are making creamy scrambled eggs, cocktails, or muffins, you can use the half-and-half cream as part of your ingredient. Now coming to some pasta. Who does not love pasta? Pasta with creamy white sauce is a hit in all households. For this, you can use the pasta cooking cream to make your dish even richer. If you are making pasta for a special occasion or want to impress your guests, this is a great choice.

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