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Cream is an amazing additive to any dish. It has the capacity to instantly turn a dish from normal to restaurant-worthy. Cream is the topmost fat layer taken from milk which is thick, creamy, and layered. The layer is collected from several thousand liters of milk in industries to make cream of different fat composition. The more fat your cream has, the tastier it will be. Any fat-rich cream is called thickened cream. Usually, when the fat composition of cream is more than 35%, it makes it thick. These creams come with a thickening agent that makes the cream perfect for whipping or to be used as decoration. In fact, most kids love eating sweetened cream as is. 

You can now buy heavy cream milk online on RedMart. One of the best ways to use thick cream from such milk is in its whipped form. Whipped cream can be used on top of cakes and pastries or as a top layer on smoothies, milkshakes, or even hot beverages. If your family is not a fan of your soup, try adding a dollop of this heavy cream on top. This will make the soup creamier and very tasty. You can also add heavy cream to your omelets and scrambled eggs. It takes these simple egg dishes to the next level. You can also use these creams as salad dressings. They make a nice and hearty salad bowl for the entire family.

Let premium quality cream contribute to your kitchen successes

Double thick cream is high-fat cream that comes with more than 48% fat. This is usually quite thick and if you are cooking a large meal, using this cream easily makes the dish taste better. If you are baking a cake and want to whip some cream in style over it, pick the double cream variety. Lots of parents have started giving their children thick cream milk acknowledging the fact that good fat is actually good for their health. Alternatively, to make it easy for your child to digest it, you can add water to such thick milk to thin out its consistency.

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