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Fish cakes have been eaten in China for 4000 years. In fact, they were also very popular in Japan and Korea and are now a delicacy in other parts of the world – including Singapore too. Traditionally made from filleted fish, these are mixed with potato, onions, eggs, herbs and other seasoning and then fried after being coated in a batter or with breadcrumbs. Since the fish cake is an excellent way of using leftover fish and other seafood, it has been popular in homes across East Asian countries. If you like having fish cakes but do not want to make them from scratch, buy the ready to eat ones from RedMart and cook them for a couple of minutes before consumption. You can also buy other traditional East Asian items like fish balls, etc from here.

Those who love fish cakes will find a variety here – from fried flat fish cake to fried small Xi Dao fish cake, chili fish cake, and many others. All the fish cakes available here are halal and made from the finest quality of fish and the ones from leading brands are even certified by AVA Grade A and HACCP. Fish ball is another popular product that flies off the shelves very soon. You can buy both fresh fish balls as well as cooked fish balls. They even have fish ball with chicken stuffing and fried fish ball too. The fried fish ball can be air fried, deep fried, pan fried or even steamed before eating. Have them on their own or add them to a soupy broth or serve them with noodles like mee pok. 

Enjoy tofu cheese with an authentic taste of seafood 

Seafood tofu is another popular food in East Asian countries. Made from seafood, mostly fish, and tofu along with cheese, these taste absolutely delicious and thus are very popular all over. These are perfect for soups or steamboats, so stock a couple of them in your refrigerator. You can also find crab stick here. These are very popular with people who love crab meat but are unable to find them on a regular basis. These are made from white fish that is finely pulverized and are shaped and cured to resemble the leg of an actual crab. You can also find Yong Tau Foo that consists of assorted types of food. These can be eaten dry with a sauce or paired with a soup dish too. 

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