Introduce your kids to superfood in the form of kids’ yogurt from RedMart 

Bone health is very important in kids as they grow up. The more calcium and proteins they get in their food, the stronger will their bones get and the healthier will they become as they grow into adults. If you have not thought too much about the bone health of your little ones, definitely keep a check on it. One of the wonder foods that help develop strong bones and teeth is yogurt. Yogurt is the bacterially fermented remains of milk. This is a very rich source of proteins, calcium, and vitamin D for babies, right from their sixth month. Kids’ yogurt is available in sealed packs that can be directly opened and fed. These are tasty and healthy for your little one’s tummy too.

Yogurt usually has a very distinct taste and can also be mildly sour. It is not unpleasant and there are a lot of people who eat plain yogurt straight from the tub or pack. However, if your kid is not a fan of plain kids’ yoghurt, you can try packs that come with different flavors. For instance, the strawberry yogurt squeeze pack has all the goodness of yogurt and in addition, has the sweet taste of strawberry. This is something your child will definitely love. Baby yogurt in banana flavor is also hugely popular in all households. Banana is an equally nutritious fruit and its combination with yogurt keeps your baby’s tummy full and happy.

Get top quality yogurt for infants and keep their tummy comfortable 

Baby yoghurt is full of good probiotics which are beneficial for gut health. Eating yogurt regularly will keep stomach infections and digestive problems away. For kids who are not a fan of fruit flavors, vanilla yogurt is a good pick. This tastes subtle and is very close to the actual plain yogurt flavor. Yogurt for toddlers is great as snacks. Instead of giving your children chips, chocolates, and pastries, give them a cup of flavored yogurt and see them enjoy the meal. You can also freeze yogurt and give it as popsicles when your baby is teething.

Some of the best yogurts for babies are now listed on RedMart’s page on Lazada Singapore for you to buy and eat. We offer a money back guarantee for all yogurt packs that are not received fresh at your doorsteps. All packs come with clear mentions of the expiry date. We also give you the lowest prices for products that you buy from us. Did you happen to find the same product sold by us elsewhere at an even lower regular selling price? Mention this to us and get paid twice the price difference. We will also match that lower price for you. Our delivery team works all seven days a week between 7 AM and 10 PM and deliver island-wide. For all LiveUp members, we provide free delivery for order values above SGD 40 along with a 5% discount on all RedMart orders.