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Pickling is one of the oldest methods of food preservation used by humans. In times before the invention of modern refrigeration, pickling was the only way to preserve food for future consumption. Generally, pickling was used to preserve food items that were either exotic or seasonal and limited by nature and cultivation. Vegetables and other perishable foods can be preserved for months with pickling and you get to enjoy seasonal fruits throughout the year! There are two types of pickling; through fermentation and by using vinegar. Pickles make for an interesting snack in your free time. You can now buy your pickles online with RedMart. Pickled jalapenos, gherkins, lettuces, green chillis, capers, mangoes, beetroots, garlic, and the rest can be easily found here. 

Pickling slightly changes the flavor of the food. It also makes the food softer, making it easier for the elderly to take them in. These wonderful side dishes often provide an alternative taste for you. If your main course is too spicy, you can pick a sweet one to go with it. If your main course is sweet or bland, pick a spicy one! The pickles available online are packed in airtight jars, and antimicrobial herbs and spices such as mustard seed, cinnamon, garlic or cloves, are often added. Pickles in a jar made using vinegar deliver the benefits of vinegar, spices, and the vegetables and fruits used in them. Their juice is a preferred ingredient in a ketogenic diet for those who might need more sodium to manage electrolyte balance. 

Plenty of health benefits coming your way 

Eating fermented food offers multiple benefits, from insulin resistance to reducing inflammation. During pickling, the vegetables and unripe fruits are often stored fresh without cooking. Hence, the antioxidants and heat sensitive nutrients present in these vegetables and fruits are preserved just as they are. Fermented food items also encourage the growth of probiotic bacteria, a type of friendly bacteria that help in the digestion of food. The fall in their numbers can cause digestive problems but these fermented foods can replenish their numbers and restore your digestive health. Sauerkraut, one of the most popular fermented foods worldwide, has been shown to have anticancer benefits. 

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