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If you are a passionate cook, especially fond of barbecuing the different types of meat, then you must already be familiar with the idea of marination. Now, marination can be considered to be the very first step in the process of cooking where the meat is brushed with a liquid that adds flavor as well as tenderness to the piece or portion. Normally, we tend to marinate the chicken or beef with just some of the normal spices and curd perhaps. But these items can never be as effective as marinades that are specially formulated liquids. At Redmart, you can come across a wide variety of marinade sauce, so let’s understand its specialty first.

A marinade is a liquid solution in which the food to be cooked, needs to be soaked. The tenderness that this results in is because of the presence of acidic ingredients such as wine, vinegar, fruit juice or certain enzymatic components like ginger and papaya. Say, you are using the chicken marinade and beginning to break down the process of cooking. This allows the fluids and the seasonings in the liquid to enter the meat and help it retain its moisture. Depending on the length of time for which you keep the item marinated, the meat imbibes the complete flavor, which continues to stay in the dish. A teriyaki marinade, for instance, can strike a combined flavor of salty and tanginess in specific dishes.

Marinades add flavor and make the meat tender

In fact, when it comes to grilling the meat, soaking it in a barbecue marinade is of utmost importance as it makes a lot of difference in taste. The liquid prevents the meat from drying out when exposed to the intense heat produced by a grill. Also, this enormous heat often results in the formation of harmful substances on the surface while cooking. Marinade, being acidic in nature, eliminates the chances of such formations. As the liquid comes in direct contact with the item, it absorbs the bacteria and makes the meat safer and tastier. It can be stored at a normal temperature for months altogether and used in sync with the required taste and flavor.

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