Pick the tastiest fish sauce from Redmart online

Do you love Vietnamese food? Then there is every chance that you have heard of fish sauce. It is impossible to think of Vietnamese food without this magical ingredient. A good quality sauce will contribute the right punch to your food. Fish sauce is called ‘nuoc mam’ and this refers to the first extraction of liquid from fermented fish. The quality of fish sauce can vary depending on the kind of fish, the quality of the fermentation and the extraction. It can be easily compared to olive oil and the various options are differentiated based on quality. You can very easily buy fish sauce online as there are many options available on Redmart.

Thai fish sauce is also quite popular as this is used quite a bit in their cuisine. There are subtle differences in flavor as the Thai and Filipino versions feature a lot more salt than that of the Vietnamese kinds. You must pick the right sauce based on what you are cooking and what kind of flavors you would like pronounced in the dish. Generally, you will find that the amount of dilution is clearly mentioned in the fish sauce bottle. For instance, a 30% ‘nuoc mam’ would mean that the fish sauce will contain 30% fish sauce. The higher the percentage, the better and higher the intensity of the flavor. This also means that as the intensity gets higher, you will pay more for it.

Add the umami flavor of fish to your food

There are numerous fish sauce brands available online and buying here is easy as everything gets shipped to the convenience of your home. In fact, it is easier to browse through several customer reviews to also understand which brand or flavor is bound to work for your dish. Further, it is easier to zero in on the best fish sauce as you get to sample quite a few. The Vietnamese sauce tends to be lighter and sweeter as compared to any other version. But the other varieties have their own taste and flavor too. The one thing that is great is the umami flavor that the sauce contributes to a dish. It is hard to replicate this with any other ingredient. 

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