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Enjoy the Chinese flavors with the best soy sauce from Redmart

There are innumerable recipes that call for soy sauce. Step into the market and you are bound to feel overwhelmed with the number of options available within this one category of sauce. Since hardly any of the recipes talk about light, dark, Japanese or Chinese soy sauce, it is important to have a basic understanding of this peculiar yet flavorful sauce. Soy sauce is essentially a sauce that is made out of soybeans, wheat, water, and salt. The differences arise in the ratio of ingredients and the brewing process. While some are naturally fermented, some are chemically manufactured. The best soy sauce obviously has the right combination of ingredients and has been brewed naturally. 

You can get several varieties of this sauce online through Redmart. Buy the soy sauce that truly appeals to you. Soy sauce that is fresh tastes very different from one that has aged. The aging process does contribute something to the sauce as this can taste great too. There is a general feeling that soy sauce that has been aged for more than two years is the best in this category. What you pick also depends on the flavors that your family prefers. In fact, you can also pick soy sauce brands that originate in different places. For instance, the Japanese brands of soy sauce feature roasted wheat in their ingredients and the Chinese essentially use regular wheat or wheat flour.

Pick the flavors that are bold and distinctive 

The most common distinction that you will notice is dark and light soy sauce. This distinction arises due to aging. However, when it comes to taste and flavor, let the color not fool you. The Chinese and Japanese versions of the soy sauce may be lighter in terms of color but they do pack a punch when it comes to flavor. If you compare the dark soy sauce to the light ones, you will find that the taste is a tad bit sweeter and this may be due to the addition of molasses or some other sweeteners. The soy sauce is packaged in a bottle and it is the most common way to package the sauce as it is most recognized this way.

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