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Treat your body to pure goodness with dried seaweed from Redmart 

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be if one product can keep you healthy and make you look beautiful too? Then seaweed is your answer. These are algae that grow mostly in the sea. It has been proven that these are loaded with a variety of nutrients and are great for consumption and also for external application. Fresh seaweed is not very easy to get. That is why dried seaweed is a great substitute. These are fresh weed extracted and dried to perfection so that it is easy to store and use them. Seaweed is used in a lot of Asian cooking as well. Moreover, this is also known to clear up skin and make you look more radiant.

You can now buy dried seaweed in any quantity you like online, from Redmart. There are different types of these algae to choose from. Green, red, blue-green and brown are few popular variants. These give your body much needed omega-3 fatty acids and DHA. These are also a very rich source of antioxidants. All kinds of vitamins like A, E, C, and B are loaded in every bite of the seaweed that you take. After getting the dried seaweed, all you need to do is soak it in hot water and rinse it before using. If you are looking for a tasty ingredient that gives your whole family power-packed nutrition, then do get dried seaweed nutrition packs and start using them at home. 

Ditch the regular junk food and switch over to healthier seaweed snacks

Snacks are a common result of mid-meal hunger pangs. Not all snacking is wrong. When you choose healthier options, snacking can be fun and safe too. Take for instance seaweed snacks. These are pre-prepared and all you have to do is open the pack and eat. Seaweed is mixed with a lot of spices and seasonings and is made perfect to snack on. You get roasted snacks with lots of nuts added to it which makes the whole pack teeming with nutrition and flavors. Dried seaweed snack can also be a regular part of your child’s lunch box. Instead of choosing unhealthy deep fried and sugar-rich snacks, give these to your child and help him stay active all day long.

Fun to eat snacks like the seaweed chips are now available online with Redmart on Lazada. We deliver these from 7 AM to 10 PM on all days of the week, and that too islandwide. Our freshness promise on edibles comes with a money back guarantee as well. We also have an impressive price match guarantee. Did you find an identical seaweed product at an even lower regular selling price with our competitor? Tell us now and we will match that price for you and also pay you double the price difference. We give a 5% rebate on all Redmart orders placed by LiveUp members. These members also get free delivery on orders that are valued above SGD 40.