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Redmart brings you tasty and healthy bread flour 

Are you bored of your regular flour to make bread? Do you wish for something different? Then explore the collection by Redmart as you can get many different types of bread flour here to prepare healthy, delicious and different types of meals every single day. You can get a huge choice in flour to prepare your favorite bread, to go along with any curry, vegetable, or meat. The brands enlisted here are the best so the quality is assured, and so is the guarantee on price. So you can pick up all that you want without any worries. Let’s explore the different varieties of bread flour and their health benefits. 

The all-purpose flour is one of the favorites in Singapore. It is made from selected whole wheat grains that are pressed in a stone grinder that makes the flour even and fine. You can make soft, tasty and nutritious bread with it. Even the whole wheat bread flour is quite popular. It can be used to make different types of bread that you can enjoy with butter, relish or dips. The whole wheat grain is healthy and very fibrous too. If you are gluten intolerant, fret not, as many kinds of flour are gluten-free. For instance, the organic coconut flour is a healthy alternative to wheat and other grains and is high in protein too. It gives a good texture to baked goods and a unique, natural sweetness. 

Use various flours to prepare a healthy meal easily 

Besides plain flour, you can also try out besan or chickpea flour. It has no cholesterol and a low glycemic index and is another variant of gluten-free flour. You can use it to make delicious Indian dishes too. If you enjoy baking, get hold of good quality self-rising flour or pastry flour. It is ideal for making cakes and cookie batters. You can also use baking powder for this purpose. Feel free to experiment with semolina flour as well, which is made out of hard durum wheat. It can be used to make both savory as well as sweet dishes. If you enjoy rice flour, then poha or rice flakes is a good option. It makes for a healthy snacking and breakfast option. 

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