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Granulated sugar is nothing but the sugar you use in your kitchen every day. The difference lies in the granules. While some of them are big, some others are small and minute. In fact, you can also buy castor sugar which is a powdered form of the granulated sugar. This kind of sugar is quite useful when you need to bake. Mixing the eggs and the sugar becomes a whole lot easier when the sugar is fine. On the other hand, you have rock sugar which is a natural version of the sugar you know. It may be less sweet than the version you are used to but it definitely is far tastier and contributes well to the overall taste of your tea or coffee. 

There are many kinds of white sugar and as mentioned, it is basically classified according to the size of the granules. Also, the process of refining can change the way the final sugar crystal looks. For instance, a grain of sugar that has gone through many cycles of refining will look whiter and cleaner. It also contributes a sweet flavor to anything that you add it to. As against this, the natural version of it has a pale color and is far less sweet. However, such rock sugar is far healthier than the ones that have been refined. Look online on Redmart for numerous kinds of white sugar and you are bound to find one that suits your tastes.

Sugar is essentially derived from sugarcane 

Pure cane sugar actually does not have a sweet taste and it generally takes some time before you get used to the taste. Coarse white sugar can be used generally in your cooking and other desserts. However, if you are to use rock, brown or rock sugar, then you may have to coarse grind it a bit before you can use it. There are several versions of rock and white sugar available online and all you need to do is look for the ones that work for you. Sometimes it is all about trial and error as you may not like what has been recommended greatly by a friend. Similarly, you can explore different versions of organic sugar to see if you can make a healthy change in your diet.

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