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Eat healthy with these natural sweeteners from Redmart

Looking for some natural sweeteners that have zero calories? Then Redmart on Lazada is where you will get what you want. With the natural sweeteners available here, you will get the perfect balance of sweetness. Sweeten your cup of tea or your cereals with these sweeteners. The sweeteners which do not have any calories are perfect for people with diabetes as well. The gula melaka available on this store is a type of sugar which is more commonly known as palm sugar in English. This type of sugar is made from the sap of flower buds of the coconut tree. This type of sugar is of Malaysian origin and can be used in a variety of desserts. 

You will also get monk fruit sweeteners which are significantly sweeter than sugar. Moreover, it acts as one of the best alternatives for beverages. This sweetener will also leave a delightfully vibrant aftertaste. The liquid sweetener available on this store is packed in containers which you can carry with yourself and squeeze just the right amount of sugar into your beverages any time you need. The stevia sweetener is the perfect alternative to those unhealthy additives you pour in your coffee creamers. In one bottle, you will get a total of 48 servings. With the highest quality ingredients present, these sweeteners will give you the best value of your money. You will also get sweeteners that have a zero glycemic index and are gluten-free in nature.

Get the best natural sweeteners at affordable prices

If you are looking for the best sweetener for baking, this store can give you the perfect options. With these sugar options, you can make some crunch cookies that will not raise up your sugar levels and at the same time bring a rich sweetness to your baked goods. Have baked foods at your home with half the calories. You will also get 100% pure maple syrup. This syrup does not contain any additives. Add some authentic sweet flavor to your foods with this syrup. A natural sweetener is something that is a must-have in every pantry. Support your low-calorie diet without compromising on any of the food items you love to have as long as you have these natural sweeteners at home. 

Redmart on Lazada has the best sweeteners for cooking that are free of any calories. At our store, you can order products and get them delivered between 7 am to 10 pm on all days of the week. We deliver to all areas of the island. We also promise you that our products have the lowest price on the web. Did you find that some other store is giving a lower regular selling price on the same product? Let us know and we will arrange to pay you double the difference amount. We also have a money back guarantee on the freshness of our products delivered. LiveUp members of Lazada also get a free delivery option when their order value goes above SGD40.00. They will also be getting an additional 5% rebate on every order.