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Have mouthwatering treats at home with brown sugar from Redmart

If you are planning to buy brown sugar for your desserts, Redmart on Lazada has the right options for you. The brown sugar available here is of caramel color and has a rich aroma. The flavor of this brown sugar is such that it complements all types of dishes. These products are made from 100% pure sugar canes which are grown under fresh and clean environmental conditions with full exposure to sunlight. They do not contain any type of preservatives or coloring agents. They are made by following the traditional method and so they have the perfect crystalline nature. Whether you are looking for the right type of brown sugar to top your cereal or to sweeten your marinades, this store has all the options for you.

The raw sugar available here can also be used in sticky buns and chocolate chip cookies. With a much coarser grind, these sugars have a variety of uses. Some of the brands pack their sugars in a resealable package so that even after using it, you can keep the sugar in the packaging without any damage to the quality. The rich taste of molasses in each serving of this sugar is unmatched and worth the price. Moreover, they only have 15 calories per serving. The organic raw sugar available on this store will give your beverage a special touch. The moist texture of this type of sugar enables it to blend easily in all types of recipes, delivering you a flavorful dish.

Get good quality brown sugar right at your doorstep with this store

The dark brown sugar available here has a gloriously deep color along with a sticky texture. It also has a fudge-like flavor with a deep aroma. It is not only good for cakes and cookies but can also be used in savory recipes like BBQ sauces, tomato-based sauces, marinades, and even balsamic vinaigrette. The bittersweet character of the dark-colored sugar makes it the first choice when it comes to dark gooey cookies. Having a softer texture, the light brown sugar will add the perfect caramel flavor to your dishes. You can also use it as crumble toppings. Made of finely granulated sugar, it can also be used as a topping on pancakes. 

When you buy raw brown sugar from this store, you will get to enjoy a very rich blend of ingredients. Redmart on Lazada gives an island-wide delivery to every corner from 7 am to 10 pm on all seven days of the week. Your product will be delivered with a money back guarantee on its freshness. Moreover, you will get the lowest price on our store due to our price matching feature. Is another store giving you a lower regular selling price on the same product? Tell us and we will give you double the difference amount. Moreover, Lazada LiveUp membership will give you added benefits like free delivery on order values above SGD40.00 and also an additional rebate of 5% on every order.