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Need a quick meal before you go out? Then you need to stock up your pantry with some instant food options from Redmart on Lazada. You will get a variety of both veg and non-veg options. You can also get vegan options. You will get instant mashed potatoes that will bring to you the taste of homemade meals instantly. They are made with real and fresh potatoes and also display light and fluffy texture. The potatoes will completely melt in your mouth and you can serve them with steamed green beans or also alongside a roasted meatloaf. You can also make some tasty gnocchi at your home with the help of these mashed potatoes.

Instant noodles are very famous in every household. You will get these noodles in various flavors as well. These noodles also have an artful blend of the right sauces that make them even tastier. Fix your oriental food cravings with the best instant noodles from this store. You can have them at any time of the day and they will be ready within a couple of minutes. They are equally delicious even if you serve them plain or you can also add some ingredients of your choice. You will also get instant rice which is perfect for both offices and homes. Add veggies of your choice or some eggs and have a delicious meal in minutes.

Have healthy and tasty meals quickly with these products

The ready-to-eat meals available on this store also include flavored rice porridges that can satisfy your hunger pangs in minutes. You will also get sweet potato quinoa bowls to have a healthy breakfast just before you go out for your day’s work. The ingredients present in these instant food products are all fresh and sourced from the best suppliers. The ready-to-eat food products also include microwaveable porridges that also come with a spoon inside. These are travel-friendly too and you can take them along with you on your backpacking trips if you are planning to travel on a budget. All you need to do is pour enough boiling water and your meal will be ready in a few minutes.

Redmart on Lazada has got you covered when it comes to availing ready-to-eat food available online. We provide delivery to every place on the island from 7 am to 10 pm all seven days of the week. We also guarantee you that all these products will be delivered to you in a fresh condition and this is ensured by our money back guarantee. We also promise to give you the lowest price of all products. Are you getting an identical product at a lower regular selling price somewhere else? We will pay you twice the difference when you let us know. For Lazada LiveUp members, there is good news. You will get free delivery on your orders above SGD40.00 and also an additional 5% rebate on every purchase.