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Packet noodles from Redmart can always save the day

Packet noodles is a staple in most homes and why not! You do not need much time to prepare and it is flavorful too. However, people are yet to understand the versatility of instant noodles. If it is flavor pouches that you love, get creative with your dishes and you will soon see how amazing this simple packet of noodles can be. Whether you are cooking for adults or children, there are dishes and recipes that can make this humble packet of noodles a hit. The packet of noodles can be used effectively to create a restaurant-style dish too. For instance, change your simple bowl of soup to something unique and distinctive by adding the noodles as you cook your soup.

An instant noodle pack can be used very innovatively to create a baked dish that is simply out of the world. Use dry ramen noodles to coat baked potatoes and fry them up for a unique and amazing appetizer. If you are a little more traditional and love the noodles cooked in a broth, swap the broth for something more flavorful like a chicken stock or beef broth. You will end up with a heartier soup/ dish that can be a meal or a snack. Always check out online stores such as Redmart for an amazing number of options in noodles. Whether it is instant or otherwise, you are bound to find a great deal on these noodles. 

Make your noodles healthy and hearty

The best instant noodles should be prepared with tossed vegetables and a plate of fresh bread. Make sure you stir-fry some veggies and be sure to include the best greens. Add these to freshly cooked noodles. As you get ready to serve up this steamy ho dish, break open a few eggs into this bowl. What you have is a unique yet hearty meal that is bound to surprise and impress. Dry instant noodles are great for every home. It is not always that you can be ready with options when friends drop in unannounced. In fact, sharing a hot cup of instant noodles is the best way to begin great conversations.

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