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Did you know that vermicelli is an Italian word that originates from “vermin” meaning “little worms”? Though a word that does not sound too appetizing, this term has gained acceptance all across the world and is used to denote any kind of thin noodles, pasta, or spaghetti. While vermicelli in South East Asia refers to noodles of various kinds, it means spaghetti or pasta in Western nations. Whether you associate vermicelli with noodles or pasta is immaterial. What matters is their popularity – both in sweet as well as savory dishes. Given their popularity, East Asian nations have different kinds of vermicelli – made from whole wheat, brown rice, potato, and many others.

RedMart stocks up on all popular vermicelli brands and is one of the best and most convenient places to buy them from in Singapore. We stock up on all popular Asian vermicelli, both thin and thick, that are made from various kinds of rice flour. Do you need brown rice vermicelli noodles? Log on to our site. Our brown rice vermicelli is loaded with fiber as against the normal rice noodles and thus are best for people looking to include more fiber in their diet. We also have a huge variety of rice vermicelli that is high in carbohydrates, and considered high energy dense food. Free from fat and cholesterol, they make up a complete meal when paired with a protein source.

Cook vermicelli for an authentic Chinese meal

Want to rustle up an original Chinese or Korean meal? Then, you can try new vermicelli flavors such as sweet potato vermicelli that is made using the starch of sweet potato. With a hint of sweet potato flavor, this vermicelli pasta is perfect either in a soup or even when stir-fried with just a dash of seasoning. Or you can try fish head rice vermicelli that is a perfect fish head bee hoon dish. You can even order pre-roasted vermicelli that takes less time to cook. Simply cook the vermicelli till done and pair it with your favorite sauce. Or if you want to try an Indian version, cook it with milk and sugar and enjoy it chilled.

RedMart on Lazada Singapore has all kinds of noodles and is one of the best places to buy vermicelli without any hassle. No more going to the supermarket. Simply place your order for vermicelli online and get your product delivered to your doorstep. We provide islandwide delivery between 7 AM to 10 PM on all seven days of the week. Our customers are promised fresh products when buying edibles, else they get their money back. All our customers can avail of the storewide price match guarantee wherein we pay them twice the difference when they find the same product at a lesser price with the competitor. LiveUp members shopping on RedMart get an additional 5% discount on all their orders and free delivery on orders that exceed SGD 40.