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Make cooking healthier with speciality oils from Redmart 

Oil is one of the most basic ingredients needed in every kitchen. Cooking oils are usually plant or animal-based and can be used to roast, fry, deep fry, bake or sauté food. Oils are good sources of fat and your body needs fat to help you function actively. These fats also help absorb certain fat-soluble vitamins that are essential for the body’s functioning. Oils, when chosen right, can actually be beneficial to the body. Take for instance specialty oils. These are not your every day regular cooking oil. These are extracted from unique sources and have a very distinct smell and taste. All these specialty products bring with them amazing health benefits.

Consider the castor oil. This is extracted from castor beans and is thick and sticky in consistency. This oil has the ability to clear the gut and keep your stomach free of infections. This is also added to food to help it last longer without preservatives. Another kind of oil you should check out is the mustard oil. Extracted from mustard seeds, this has a very distinct aroma. This has antibacterial and antifungal properties and it also helps reduce inflammation pain. Instead of using your regular cooking oil every time, it is very beneficial to keep rotating different oils. This will ensure you get the benefits of all oils regularly. 

Make frying healthy with groundnut oil

There are many who think that frying food is unhealthy. It depends on how often you eat fried food and what oil you use to fry actually. One of the safest oils you can use for frying is the groundnut oil. This is extracted from peanuts and is odor-free and lightweight. This oil has a high smoke point and is great for all your deep-fried recipes. People all over the world love to use this oil. Another oil perfect for frying is the macadamia oil. This is sourced from the nuts of the macadamia tree. This is non-volatile and is also great to maintain glowing skin and hair. If you are looking for oils that add a great taste to salads and other dressings, choose grapeseed oil. This is a byproduct of winemaking in most cases and is also used in baking.

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