Make mealtimes fun for kids with alphabet pasta

Most kids are fussy eaters, and deciding what dish you should prepare so that they will enjoy it, can be a challenge! However, alphabet pasta on Redmart can come to your rescue as they are amazingly fun, can teach little ones everything from A to Z in a cool way, and make for delicious mealtimes as well. As the name suggests, this type of pasta comes in shapes that mimic all 26 alphabets and are sometimes colorful too, when made from spinach and tomato. You can prepare alphabet pasta with your child’s favorite cheese and include veggies like tomatoes, green beans, zucchini, carrots, peas, and even broccoli florets. Slice the vegetables thinly or chop them up into small pieces so that your munchkin agrees to eat up all that is on his or her plate.  

The best part about alphabet noodles is that they are non-sticky, soak up sauces well and have a pleasant aroma too. Sourced from reputed brands, these pasta on Redmart are devoid of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. You will come across organic pasta varieties too, which are often suitable for children with gluten allergies. Simply buy alphabet pasta online and add them to soups or stews if you want to prepare a dish that your child can happily slurp. This is great for children who don’t like chewing much or maybe wants to finish the meal quickly so that they can go out and play! It is easy to cook this kind of pasta with chicken, eggs or even prawns to make a protein-rich dish.  

Alphabet pasta can make growing up fun

Teaching kids about alphabets the traditional way can be frustrating, especially when they constantly get distracted or feel bored. So buy alphabet pasta which can appeal to them visually, and they can learn their letters while digging into a saucy, cheesy dish. Parents can also play with their child and ask them to create small words with the pasta alphabets, without making the learning process dull. Maybe you can ask your little one to help you in the kitchen by asking them to sort out letters from A to M, from the dry pasta. You can then prepare a soup or creamy dish with those letters! How cool would that be?   

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