Prepare delicious dishes easily with farfalle pasta from Redmart

Usually loved by kids and adults alike, pasta can make for a very wholesome, nutritious and tasty meal. And farfalle pasta is a type that looks beautiful as well! This pasta is shaped like a bow or butterfly and has its origins in the city of Modena in Italy. They are crafted by cutting up fresh pasta into rectangular pieces and then pinching the middles to create the bow-like design. Now, Redmart brings you farfalle pasta from reputed brands in smart packages. They are often made from durum wheat and semolina, can be digested easily and gives you a great burst of energy to go about your daily chores. All you have to do Is boil the pasta first to get a tender yet not too soft texture, and then cook it with the sauces and herbs of your choice.

Pasta of the farfalle kind usually has a denser centre and thinner edges, due to its unique design. And this adds to the taste and mouth-feel too. You will find this pasta in exciting colors like green and red as well, when they are made with fresh spinach or tomatoes. Note that some might be made with canned or dried tomatoes, which taste just as great. They are not only wonderful to look at, but bring you amazing flavors and aromas. Some farfalle noodles come with preparation instructions too. You can cook it with salmon, cream, parmesan cheese and a hint of nutmeg for an authentic Italian dish. Usually, simple ingredients help retain the original flavors of the pasta. Cilantro, avocado, olives, peas and black beans can also go well with such pasta dishes.   

Don’t worry even if you have gluten allergy

Gluten-free farfalle pasta is usually made with completely organic brown rice and can go well with all kinds of sauces. Some organic varieties might be made of high-quality whole wheat and flaxseed flour, to supply you with Omega 3. These are rich in fiber as well and help you to control weight easily. The Omega 3 works to keep heart ailments at bay. You can prepare gluten-free farfalle with the simple marinara sauce or the fragrant pesto sauce which combines garlic, olive oil, cheese, basil, and nuts. Shrimps, chicken and even mussels can be paired with this pasta type. You can also make salads by sprinkling some olive oil, mustard sauce, red wine vinegar on a bed of pasta, cherry tomatoes, beans, and zucchini.  

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