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The best thing about fusilli pasta is that it can hold a lot of meat, veggies, and cheese because of its twisted shape. This is why this type of pasta works perfectly well with any type of sauce. Made from durum wheat and semolina, the fusilli pasta is no doubt one of the best types. The helix shape of the fusilli pasta has small crevices. These crevices allow the pasts to even hold the lighter sauces. The twisted shape of this type of pasta also makes it fun to eat. Being made from durum wheat, the pasta has a very succulent and chewy nature. This also ensures that the pasta has its shape maintained even though you cook it for longer hours.

The long fusilli pasta which are made from durum wheat has another advantage. If you reheat the dish, the pasta will not fall apart because of its succulent and hard nature. The popular durum wheat varieties from which the fusilli noodles are made include Simeto, Senatore Cappelli and Quadrato. There is a meticulous production process that is included in the manufacture of great pasta. There are some brands which utilize the spring water from Dolomites to make the dough which makes it extremely special. Some of these varieties can also be used to make cold pasta dishes as in timbales and pasta salads. This type of pasta is a good source of high energy and a perfect way to start your morning.

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The gluten-free fusilli are perfect for those people who are on a strict diet and yet want to have some delicious food. You will also get them in tricolor varieties. The origin of fusilli basically lies in center-south Italy. The name ‘fuso’ is derived from the knitting tool which was used to roll up wool as it resembles the shape of the pasta. The elegant twist in the form of three small wings in this type of pasta also creates a delicate appearance. You can make this pasta with any ricotta base sauce or even rich meat sauce to bring out the best flavors. This pasta is also a rich source of vitamin B and iron.

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