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Get all types of instant pasts on Redmart

The types of instant pasta make a never-ending list and to get them all under one roof might seem impossible. But with Redmart on Lazada, you need not worry as you will get all the types here. The instant pasta brands available here are all very famous and have earned quite a reputation over the years. Having a packet of instant pasta will save you from going through the entire tedious procedure of making it yourself. Moreover, this is a great help when you are in a hurry. Maybe you woke up late and you still have to reach office on time. Instant pasta can be your savior then as they can give you a sumptuous meal in a matter of a few minutes. 

The full wheat-based pasta available on this store can serve as a very healthy snack for both kids and adults. You will also get organic pasta on this store which is made from natural ingredients only and there are cholesterol free versions too. Want to have a nice dish but don’t want to spend the energy to make it yourself? Don’t worry because the instant alfredo fusilli will have your back. All you have to do is empty the contents of the packet in a pan, add some water and the seasoning of your choice, and your delicious pasta will be ready. You can get pasta in an onion variant too which will deliver a mild bitterness and make the taste even more flavorsome. 

No more skipping breakfast when you are late

Who doesn’t love macaroni with cheese? It is deemed as one of the best comfort foods for people of all ages. You will also get penne, farfalle and fusilli pasta. You can also toss in some olives and bell peppers to make your repasts even more wholesome. Looking for healthy instant pasta that is 100% vegetarian? Then this store has some of the best options for you. Moreover, you can also get different yummy variants of the same pasta on this store. The sour cream flavored pasta has got a rich and creamy texture which ensures that it melts in your mouth. You will also get tricolor pasta made from organic durum wheat of high quality.

Redmart on Lazada has the best instant pasta that is loved by people of all ages. At our store, you can order products and get them delivered between 7 am to 10 pm on all days of the week. We deliver to all areas of the island. We also promise you that our products have the lowest price on the web. Did you find that some other store is giving a lower regular selling price on the same product? Let us know and we will arrange to pay you double the difference. We also have a money back guarantee on the freshness of our delivered food products. LiveUp members of Lazada also get a free delivery option when their order value goes above SGD40.00. They will also be getting an additional 5% rebate on every order.