Enjoy the best tasting pasta at home with conchiglie shells from Redmart

Conchiglie is the name of the very popular shell-shaped pasta that looks quite delicate and beautiful and is very tasty to eat too. The name of this type of pasta comes from the Italian name for seashells. The great thing about cooking this type of pasta is how easily the sauce or the seasoning is held on to the shape of the pasta. This means that every bite of the pasta gives you a mouthful of delicious sauce or cheese. For vegetarians, the seashells pasta with creamy mushroom sauce is a good recipe to try out. For people who love meat, baked shells with chicken is a must-try recipe.

You can now buy this seashell macaroni online from Redmart. Ordering online takes very little time and effort. Gluten-free variants are also available for those with a gluten allergy. These are not made of wheat flour like regular pasta. You get these usually as rice shells and are equally tasty to eat. All Mediterranean and Eastern dishes taste amazing with these pasta variants. Bolognese sauce is a meat-based sauce that contains onions, tomatoes, herbs, and minced meat. This is a perfect sauce for all your seashell based pasta.

Host a party and serve the best-tasting shell noodles to your guests

Shell pasta is very interesting for kids to eat. Their unique shapes make the children all excited and that is why you can add in a lot of healthy vegetables, greens and herbs to make this pasta for your family every week. Using basil pesto and tomatoes is also a great way to serve this pasta. When you choose good brands, you can be sure that the wheat used in making the pasta is derived organically with safe agricultural practices. Plain tomato and cheese baked macaroni shells are also popularly served in good Italian restaurants. This, when paired with a good wine makes a great meal. If you want to whip up a quick packed meal for your kids, then make these shell noodles, pack them in a heat-safe container and your kids will love their lunch.

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