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The Japanese rice available on RedMart will make your body and soul happy

Rice is the staple food for many people in many countries, especially in Asia. Rice is filling, nutritious and can be paired well with a variety of meats, fishes, and veggies too. Of the many varieties of rice available, Japanese rice is a popular one for all the good reasons. It is basically the short-grain variety of Japonica rice. RedMart offers you all the varieties of this rice from different brands in different quantities. So, it is easy to get hold of packs from leading Japanese rice brands! You can prepare so many types of dishes using each variety, such as plain boiled rice, fried rice, the Indian sweet pulao and more. Your friends and family will simply love these.

So, what all can you do with this Japanese short grain rice? Two of the basic things you can use this rice to make are rice vinegar and sake. You need not spend money on extra ingredients when you can make these at home with no added preservatives. Sushi is a popular Japanese dish made using this type of rice too. Used in everyday Japanese dishes, this rice is also used to make tasty rice balls. Chahan or yaki-meshi is the dish prepared by frying this rice. It is mouth-watering and is something you can add to your menu when you feel like eating some homemade Japanese food. The rice cooks fast and is fragrant as well. You can pack it for office or school lunches, to have something filling.  

Stay healthy and happy by consuming Japanese rice

Getting the best quality Japanese rice will ensure that you are consuming a great source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. It also provides calcium and fibers for healthy bones and ensures a healthy digestive system. The healthy amount of fibers and the low-calorie count also make it a good choice for when you are on a diet as it makes you feel full with the least calorie gain. The good number of antioxidants helps to prevent cancer, while low cholesterol promotes cardiovascular health. Guess what else you can buy Japanese rice for? Your skin! Applying the water and rice paste to your skin gives you healthy, glowing skin with reduced wrinkles. And this is way more affordable than visiting a salon. 

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