Risotto rice from Redmart will enhance the taste of your risotto

The quality of the risotto totally depends on the type of rice that you have used in the process. The risotto rice from Redmart on Lazada comes in various forms. But usually, they have a pale color and are stubby and smooth in texture. On this store, you will get the best risotto rice collected from selected fields to ensure high quality. They have a high starch content and a plump texture. They have the perfect mélange of bite and creaminess. All these qualities make them appropriate for a traditional risotto. This type of rice usually takes a longer time to cook but it is definitely worth the wait. 

The risotto rice price on this store is kept in a reasonable range so that everyone can buy it without a dent in their wallets. The quality of rice plays a big role in risotto because the rice is cooked in broth. The starch from the rice is rubbed off with constant stirring and they mix with the cooking liquid making it denser. So, for the perfect risotto, you need a rice variety which has enough starch content and this store has brought to you just that. The risotto rice brands available here are reputed and known for their quality rice throughout the world. They maintain high-quality standards and follow ethical procedures.

Make the best risotto of your life with these rice varieties

Want to buy risotto rice? Then you have come to the right place because this store has multiple options for you. Getting the creamy texture in the risotto will become easier than ever when you use these rice products. You will get both Carnaroli and Arborio rice types both of which are considered the best for making risotto. Prepare a marvelous risotto in the comfort of your own home and retain that Italian flare by using the right type of rice. The rice varieties are so good that even after cooking the grains will remain separate yet perfectly chewy. You will also get rice cubes on this website, which, on boiling will be ready to eat and can serve as the perfect halal. For an extra taste, you can simply add a pinch of salt.

Getting risotto rice online has become easier than ever before with Redmart on Lazada. We will also give you some exciting features like an island-wide delivery on all seven days of the week. We will deliver your products between 7 am in the morning to 10 pm at night. Our products will be delivered in a completely fresh condition and we can provide a money back guarantee on that. We also ensure that you get the lowest price of any product on the web. Is our competitor listing the same product at a lower regular selling price? Let us know and you will get paid double the difference by us. LiveUp Lazada members will be entitled to free delivery on orders above SGD 40.00 and also get an additional 5% rebate on every order they place.