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If there is a single spice that is used all around the world, then it has to be pepper. Peppercorns are picked from vines called Piper Nigrum and it is indigenous to India. With its sharp yet mildly spicy flavor, it is the perfect addition to your food after salt. It is also known quite commonly as the ‘king of spices’ as it has amazing medicinal properties. It has been used for years as part of Ayurveda in India to treat numerous health conditions. Buy pepper as dried peppercorns from RedMart and use a hand mill to grind the fresh spice over your food for the best flavor. You can also go for ground pepper seasoning. Either way, add this amazing spice to enjoy a delicious meal.

Black pepper is known to have numerous medicinal properties due to its antimicrobial compounds. Whether it is whole pepper or ground, it helps to keep food fresh for longer periods. Studies by anthropologists also suggest that pepper was widely used as a food preservative by our ancestors. So, the knowledge about ways to use pepper is not new. When you use meat for your regular meals, you can use a combination of just salt and pepper to cure and marinate it. Apart from imparting great flavor, it can act as a natural painkiller. The piperine found in the spice is known to block the expression of the gene commonly known to be responsible for arthritis.

A spice that is synonymous to a nutritional powerhouse

This tiny little spice packs quite a punch when it comes to nutrition. It is diverse and contains a generous quantity of Vitamin A, C, and K. Another aspect that is great is that you can use ground pepper powder to season food that you offer children. This is because the ground seasoning can be less potent than the corns themselves. White pepper can be stronger and more potent in its flavor. There is no major difference between black and white as they originate in the same plant. The way they are processed is what makes the two differ. While white pepper can be hotter when compared to the black, they are far fewer flavor notes in them.

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