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Satisfy your inner love for carbs with pita bread from Redmart

If you are someone who loves carbs then pita bread from Redmart on Lazada will surely be one of your favorites. Moreover, it will give you lots of energy to start your day with and keep you filled up until you have the next meal. The naan bread is a type of flatbread and it can be had for lunch or dinner. You can brush it with butter and it will taste even more delicious. You will also get garlic naan varieties on this store. They are garnished with coriander and are usually baked in a clay oven. This store also has several other flatbread options from different cuisines around the world. Some of them are of the stuffed variety as well.

The Indian bread is available stuffed with cottage cheese, authentic Indian spices and herbs. You can enjoy these pieces of bread with curd and you can have the perfect protein-rich meal you wanted. The bread are grilled to give a perfect crispy texture. You will also get onion bread in which apart from the cottage cheese, onion is also present. You can also get bread stuffed with potatoes which is very common and one of the most filling meals as well. The frozen naan is a very easy meal option since all you have to do is open the packet and put it in the microwave. Once it is heated, it is good to go with an accompaniment of your choice. 

Treat your taste buds to something delicious from this store

The frozen wraps also serve as a very good breakfast option. You will get wraps that have bacon in them. Some of them also contain subtle jalapenos and mushy potatoes. You will get flatbreads whose taste has been enhanced with the addition of fenugreek leaves. This is a part of the Indian cuisine and you are definitely going to love it. There are several traditional Indian bread as well that do not contain any fat oils. To have something even more filling, you can opt for the multi-layered wheat bread. Make some amazing wraps and burritos at home with the tortillas available on this store. 

So, from Redmart you can get pita bread of different types without taking the hassle of going out. We will deliver the product at your house no matter where you live on the island. Our service is running from 7 am to 10 pm every day and we also promise to give our customers the lowest price with the help of our price matching feature. Are you getting the same product at a lower regular selling price somewhere else? Tell us today and we will pay you double the difference. Being a Lazada LiveUp member will earn you an additional 5% rebate on every order you place. When your order value crosses the threshold limit of SGD40.00, we will give you completely free delivery on that order. We also promise to give you a money back guarantee on the freshness of the products delivered.