Add variety to the greens you consume with pak choi from Redmart

Pak choi is one of the most versatile green leafy vegetables. It is one of the leafy vegetables that you can use for the detox effect that it can give to your body. As far as consumption goes, it depends on your taste and preferences. There are many people who prefer to consume it raw in salads. For this, you can use the baby pak choi as the leaves are young and fresh. The stalks are crisp and it can very easily be incorporated along with cabbage in a Cole Slaw. It has great many health benefits as it is known to have a ton of antioxidants and is low in calories too. 

Those looking to lose weight in a healthy way should add this amazing green leafy vegetable to their diet. It has a ton of vitamins and minerals making it the perfect way to fuel your body as you lose weight. This vegetable is also called Shanghai green and this could be because it is one of the most popular ingredients in Asian dishes. There are many variations in this popular vegetable and they may have minor differences such as the thickness of the stalk or the width of the leaves. For instance, nai bai is a variation of pak choi and can be clearly distinguished by the white stems that it has. It is naturally sweet and this helps when you need freshness in certain dishes.

Enjoy the variety that this online store offers in vegetables

Xiao bai cai is the same as pak choi but is known by this name by Mandarin speakers. With about 95% of the vegetable consisting of water, this is a perfect way to add quality to your mid-morning meal. The vegetable can be added to salads for a healthy boost to your regular salad. Use the same in a soup or a stew and enjoy the taste of fresh greens. If you do not prefer it raw, consider using mini pak choi as these are fresh young leaves which give a natural and fresh taste to anything. Explore Redmart for a wide selection of greens which are delivered fresh and perfect.

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