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Capsicums from RedMart come in different colors and with excellent freshness

Are you in love with that flavor that has this tinge of spiciness as the green chili and yet, tastes different and is definitely not hot at all? Such flavor is found in both Asian and European dishes though they are most common in the Oriental Chinese delicacies. Yes, we are talking about capsicums here and you will be happy to know that the much-recognized online grocery store of RedMart brings you a range of this vegetable in its best possible quality. Capsicum is as nutritious a vegetable as it is tasty and flavorful. Therefore, you must add this vegetable, especially the organic capsicums to your daily diet. It is easy to include it in any recipe because it gets boiled really fast and can be fried, sautéed, stirred, or prepared in whichever way you want.

First, let’s look into the numerous health benefits of this vegetable. Fresh capsicum is an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin C. If you have been recommended by the doctor to increase your intake of the vitamin B6 and folate, then capsicum is the best vegetable to supply you with enough of these nutrients. Red capsicum, in this regard, is more nutritious than the green one. However, the red ones contain a bit of natural sugar, which leads to the sweetness of the vegetable as such. As most vegetables are, capsicum too is easy to digest and suitable for kids and adults alike.

Add a unique flavor to your daily recipes 

This vegetable not only enhances the taste and nutrition quotient of your food but also adds to its look. If you are wondering how, just get yellow capsicum and add to your stir-fried chicken and see how delicious the dish looks. The yellow ones are just the most ripened forms of the vegetable with the nutritional value and taste remaining the same. The vegetable alone has the potential to make up for an Indian curry dish. Fry cubes of potato, onion, and capsicum in oil and stir them using the popular Indian spices. You will have a bowl full of mouthwatering, light, and a healthy side dish to savor with both rice and bread.

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