Get your fill of protein and fiber with fresh beans from Redmart

If you are not including beans in your daily diet, then you are missing out on something. Beans are rich sources of fiber and protein. Legumes can regulate blood sugar level and reducing iron deficiency. They can help prevent cancer, boosting enzymes and more. The benefits of eating beans are many. You can keep listing them out. That is why you should get fresh beans from Redmart right away! This super food is the best source of protein for fitness freaks. Choose from a wide variety of beans. These are fresh and sourced from reputed brands. You can eat them without worrying as they are free of preservatives. They are crunchy and tasty too. Use beans in a salad or for any other stir-fried or curry recipe.

Greens are a great source of fiber, vitamins and essential nutrients. If you are someone who wants to build your muscles without consuming meat, then long beans are the best bet for you. These beans are an excellent ingredient to be cooked as you like. They have an asparagus-like taste and are delicious whether sautéed or steamed. They are tender and have a fresh taste. These are organically certified vegetables, grown with the eco-earth friendly method of a green composting system to add nutrition to the soil. These vegetables are grown in the most natural way and hence very safe.  While you are online, check out the varieties of long string beans and bring home some healthy veggies. These can be added to soups and stews for a wholesome meal. 

Tasty and healthy beans are the key to good health 

The dishes you can try cooking with delicious beans are numerous. You can add them to a salad or half boil them. Just add some salt and much on them for an evening snack. French or fine beans are a variety of green beans that are longer, thinner, crisp, and tender. Beans are great for recipes that are steamed, boiled, stir-fried, or baked in casseroles. If you love your stew or soups to have some texture, the green beans are an excellent ingredient to add to them. They are peeled, washed, rinsed and frozen within hours after harvest for your convenience. It helps to retain the real taste, vitamins, and nutrients. You can chop, mix, cook, blanch or boil them at your convenience. 

Now, whether you want string beans, French beans, or long beans, Redmart on Lazada has it all for you. We deliver all over the island and from 7 am to 10 pm, on all 7 days of the week. Our edibles are delivered fresh, or you get your money refunded. Plus, our price match guarantee helps you save money. Is a competitor store offering you identical beans at a lower regular selling price? Let us know and we will compensate you by paying twice the difference. Lazada LiveUp members can also get a 5% off on every order and free delivery on purchases worth more than SGD 40.