Potatoes can be used in a variety of recipes and Redmart has the best potatoes

Being a very versatile vegetable, potatoes are preferred in so many households as a staple food. They are basically an underground root tuber and are packed with a variety of nutrients. Moreover, they are one of the most affordable veggies too. Redmart on Lazada has listed some non-fattening organic potatoes which have reasonable amounts of calories. If you include these potatoes in your regular meals, they are bound to give you plenty of carbohydrates, essential minerals, and dietary fibers. The potatoes available on this store are so soft and fresh that you can make excellent mashed potatoes with them and have them as a side dish.

The white potatoes available here are rich in compounds like carotenoids, flavonoids and phenolic acid, all of which are antioxidants. These compounds will help will in removing the free radicals from your body. Your body should not contain any free radicals as their accumulation can lead to chronic heart diseases or even cancer. The fresh potatoes available here may also suppress high blood sugar. The starch present in potatoes is termed as resistant starch and it has the capability to reduce insulin resistance which, in turn, helps in better blood sugar control. You can have roasted potatoes as a side dish by garnishing them in olive oil, rosemary, garlic, and also appropriate seasonings of your choice. 

Potatoes will keep you going for hours

Have to go for an early meeting? Why not have a potato salad with some bacon, sweet corn, and red onions? This is not only healthy but will also keep you full until you can have your next meal. The Holland potato available on this store can also be prepared with garlic with some cheddar and then roasted with chives. Make some of the best appetizers for your party with some crispy potato wedges and your guests will definitely want more. Moreover, the starch in potatoes is an excellent source of gut bacteria and will thus improve your digestive health. Moreover, on regular consumption, it will also improve your colon defenses. If you have gluten sensitivity, then you need not worry at all because potatoes are naturally gluten-free products.

Redmart on Lazada is the right place to buy potatoes for your daily consumption. At our store, you can order products and get them delivered between 7 am to 10 pm on all days of the week. We deliver to all areas of the island. We also promise you that our products have the lowest price on the web. Did you find that some other store is giving a lower regular selling price on the same product? Let us know and we will arrange to pay you double the difference. Moreover, you will get a money back guarantee on the freshness of our products. LiveUp members of Lazada also get a free delivery option when their order value goes above SGD40.00. They will also be getting an additional 5% rebate on every order.