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Keeping your house clean is easier with cleaning tools from Redmart

Keeping a house clean is very important to maintain proper hygiene. But cleaning the house can be quite an overwhelming task. That is why Redmart on Lazada has brought to you several cleaning tools that prevent you from getting overworked or feeling tired in the process of cleaning the house. The products are so efficient that they can do maximum work with minimum effort from your side. From bins to mops and various types of gloves, the store has got you covered. The cleaning gloves of this store are specially meant to withstand rough handling and they are made from non-toxic materials. Some of them are heavily insulated as well so that you can easily pick up hot things.

The cleaning mop has a mopping system that is easy and efficient. The mop is highly lightweight so you will not feel fatigued after mopping the whole house. The mop has the ability to pivot 180 degrees and spins 360 degrees, thus ensuring maximum cleaning. The extra power fibers attached to the mop can absorb any mess and scrub from the floor. You will also get sweeper sets which have separate models for indoor and outdoor usage. The head is detachable so that you can alter it according to your usage – indoor or outdoor. The dual-sided cleaning teeth in these sweeper heads ensure a more thorough cleaning.

You will not have any back pain with these cleaning tools

Fed up of the stubborn back pain from cleaning the house on a daily basis? Worry no more as this store has brought to you some of the best mop and bucket products. Some of the buckets have a built-in wringer so that you do not have to stoop low or put any effort in wringing the mop separately. Some of the buckets also have a foot pedal which will allow you to activate spin wringing. They also have a splash guard so that the wringing does not cause the water to splash out. The mop pail available on this store also has gallon and liter measurements marked on the body. Some of them also have a spout to pour water easily.

So, get the best cleaning accessories from Redmart on Lazada. We ensure a doorstep delivery no matter where you are buying from on the island. Delivery is done on all seven days of the week between 7am and 10pm. Is the same product listed at a lower regular selling price on some other store? Let us know and you will get paid double the difference. When you are buying a product from us being a Lazada Live-Up member, we will give you an additional 5% off on all products. Moreover, when your order value crosses SGD40.00, you need not pay any extra cost for delivery. So, from now on whenever you need to restock your house with the latest products, order online and get your products delivered at your house with Redmart.