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Are you among those drinkers who think that beer is the perfect alcohol to go with at any time of the day and for any occasion? If yes, then you must have already tried out most of the brands of beer and totally enjoyed the taste of this golden fuzzy drink. However, you are yet to taste the best if you have not tried craft beer so far. In spite of being the normal beer in look and appearance, this particular variety, which is also popularly referred to as gourmet beer or specialty beer stands out distinctly by virtue of the texture and flavor. While at Redmart, you can come across a wide range of this beer, it is important that you know a bit more about this drink before you set out to taste one.

To begin with, when you buy craft beer, know that it is not cheap. This is because it is brewed by small independent breweries or microbreweries that typically produce fewer than six million barrels a year. Some of the brewpubs and restaurants have the facilities to whip their own creations on site and they, at times, offer the best craft beer varieties. Also, gourmet beer is of high-quality made with high-quality ingredients, mostly malt as opposed to rice, corn and other substitutes of malt. As a result, each brew comes with unique characteristics and flavors from the ingredients used in the brewing process as well as the duration of the fermentation process.

Learn in detail about craft beer and choose the finest

Your craft beer selection should be based on the taste and texture you prefer and in this regard, you have a few options to choose from. The color of the beer can be light, medium or dark. Light refers to the beer that is cleaner and crispier in terms of flavor while the darker beer tends to be more full-bodied and richer. The other terms you should be aware of are hoppy and malty. Hoppy generally means the slightly bitter taste and smell of hops in the beer. On the other hand, a beer that is maltier is one in which the malt has been roasted for a long time to get the desired color and flavor.

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