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Beers are generally strong and the world loves these. However, people in Singapore are warming up to not so strong beers as well, known as radler. And as quality plays a crucial role in these kinds of products, you need to find the authentic beers and that is exactly what Redmart brings you. You will find an excellent collection of such authentic flavored beers that usually have a little less than usual alcohol in them. These drinks use only the finest ingredients and are a sparkling treat. These products successfully bridge the gap between tradition and modernity with their robust character and striking appearance. These are refreshing beers made with 50% beer and 50% flavored soft drink. Plus, these beers have many flavors and are perfect for parties.  

Out of the many kinds of flavored beers offered online, ginger beers are very popular among people of all ages. These amazingly refreshing drinks are brewed with natural ginger, lemon juice, sugar and are fermented with a ginger beer plant. You can now enjoy this crisp, refreshing drink while relaxing at home or on the go. The grapefruit radler, on the other hand, is a unique variant that combines century old traditions with modern day innovation. This radler is made with natural grapefruit juice, with no sugar or artificial sweeteners added. It offers double the usual refreshment on all occasions and is a delicious thirst quencher with its sharp fruity taste. It comes in many pack sizes so that you can choose as per your need. 

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You will be happy to know that premium quality mojito syrup is now available online and is loved by everyone. This pure sugar syrup is made from natural mint and lime aromas. There is no added preservative in this syrup. It has a very refreshing aroma of chlorophyll mint and lime. It is a premium syrup and yet affordably priced. The best taste of this syrup comes out when it is served chilled. You will also get hibiscus blueberry mead which is dark crimson, floral, berry-flavored mead in a beer style at 5.5% ABV. It is made of natural ingredients and devoid of additives, artificial sweeteners or coloring. It is lovely to look at and tastes amazing as well.

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