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Avoid stomach bugs and infections with the right baby bottle accessories from Redmart

Did you know that unclean or bad quality bottles and their accessories are a major reason why kids under one year of age develop stomach infections? You can avoid a lot of trips to the hospital when you choose the right bottles and accessories and maintain them hygienically. Bottles are useful for kids who cannot be exclusively breastfed for a variety of reasons. Bottles can also be used to give your baby water once he/she crosses 6 months of age. There are so many baby bottle accessories that can be useful to you when you feed your little one. You will need to know which ones suit your baby and then make a choice.

There are different types of baby bottle nipples to pick from, for instance. Their design and size of the teat vary with different brands and models. Nipples that are shaped like the natural nipples of a breast are easier to latch on to. When the teat is too big, milk may flow out very fast, making it risky while the baby drinks. A baby bottle brush is very useful to ensure all parts of the bottle are clean. When you just wash with running water, specks of milk fat may remain in the bottle and curdle up the milk that you pour in the next time. This can result in your baby’s tummy getting upset.

Make sure your baby’s bottles are dry and ready for use with the bottle drying racks

For babies who need formula milk or need breast milk expressed into a bottle for drinking, clean bottles are needed every 2-3 hours. This means that even when you own more than one bottle, cleaning and drying them is full-time work. A bottle drying rack helps dry cleaned bottle easily and ensures there is not even a drop of water inside the bottle when you want to use it. When water remains in the bottle, it causes bacteria and fungi. A baby bottle drying rack can be the best gift for new parents. This will be useful to even dry out other baby feeding utensils and spoons.

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