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Redmart has baby oral care products for your baby’s sensitive gums

Good oral care is necessary right from infanthood to ensure proper dental health. If you want your baby’s permanent teeth to be healthy, a proper baby oral care routine is necessary. For that you would need the right products and Redmart on Lazada has come up with several options. The baby toothbrush available on this store not only ensures proper dental hygiene but also gives your child a proper oral habit from the earliest age possible. The toothbrushes are provided with soft silicone bristles. These bristles will gently massage the gums of your baby giving them relief from sore gums which occur as a result of teething. The silicone used in these toothbrushes is 100% food-grade.

The baby toothpaste available here has plant-based ingredients which are completely natural and are safe to swallow as well. The dye-free gel present in the infant toothpaste of this store will cleanse your baby’s tooth gently without causing any harm to their skin. Moreover, these tubes of toothpaste also promote healthy teeth and gums. The toothpaste also has the ability to effectively remove plaque. Some of the toothpaste also contains soothing aloe vera. If your child fusses about brushing teeth, then give them kinds of toothpaste that have varied flavors like strawberry, mango, and apple. The toothpaste also contains special ingredients that will curb the formation of cavities in your child’s teeth and also strengthen their enamel.

Get oral care products for your baby at affordable prices

The toddler toothpaste available on this store also has fluoride free formulations. They do not contain any type of preservatives or artificial colors as well. The design of the toothpaste tube ensures a less-mess dispensing and also easier for kids to handle. The toothbrushes are also available in several animated versions which makes them look cute and thus your child will literally want to brush every day without any complaints. The toothbrushes are also provided with easy grip handles which makes it even easier for their little hands to grab the brushes. If you are looking for oral care products to develop a daily habit in your child, then this store definitely has some of the best options.

Getting oral care products like infant toothbrush online has become much easier with Redmart on Lazada because we have listed all the types on our store. Moreover, we offer a doorstep delivery throughout the island from 7 am to 10 pm on all seven days of the week. We ensure that we provide you the lowest price of any product through our excellent price match feature. Is someone else giving you an even lower regular selling price? Let us know and we will pay you twice the difference in price. For Lazada LiveUp members we have a special benefit. We will give you free delivery on orders above SGD 40.00 and also an extra 5% rebate on every order placed. So, stop worrying about the traffic outside and order what you need online.