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Go camping with friends and family with a cooler box from RedMart 

A cooler box is an insulated box that is used to keep the food or drinks stored inside it cool for long hours. People also put ice cubes or mostly ice packs inside these coolers to keep the insides cold for longer. People going for camping, on a trip, on picnics or even on vacations take a cooler box along with them as it keeps their food or drinks cool and fresh. Today there are different kinds of cooler boxes available in the market – differing in size as well as their makes. Some even are thermo-electric and can be plugged to a car’s cigarette lighter socket. Whatever the kind of cooler box you are looking for in Singapore, visit RedMart and meet all your needs. 

Looking for an ice cooler box of 5 liters? Well, this seller has that just for you. This 5-liter box has comfortable grip handles that make it easy to carry around. It also has a snap on lid and has enough space to hold 6 cans or a total of 1 kilogram of food. Just fill the box partially with ice or ice bags, keep your food or drinks in it and close the lid. Your food and drinks will stay cold for long. Those looking for a slightly larger cooler bag can buy the 20-liter box which can hold 2.5 kilograms of food or 30 cans. Take this along when you have a bigger group and serve everyone cold drinks straight out of the box. 

Choose the best coolers for camping 

When going camping, having a good quality cooler is must and this seller has such kinds. Customers can also buy cooler with wheels that are easy to transport. The 40-liter box is perfect for large groups as it is able to carry 5 kilograms of food or 45 cans. The seller also has a portable cooler bag that provides thermal insulation – both hot and cold – to food and drinks that are stored inside it. These bags are made from aluminized film and polyethylene foam and keep the contents of the bag insulated. Customers can also buy the 3-in-1 cooler box that can not only be used to cool stored drinks but also as a side table or stool. They also have other smaller cooler boxes such as a half gallon jug, 1.1.-liter cooler bag with a gel ice pack, etc. 

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