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Pet dental chews from Redmart improve your dog’s dental health

Anyone who has a pet in the family knows how much joy and happiness a small creature can bring to a household. But with that, there comes a lot of responsibilities too. Much like the care that you take for a little child, with a pet, especially a dog or a puppy, you have to be equally careful and concerned. Now, dogs have a tendency to suffer from dental and oral problems, which, in turn, can have seriously damaging consequences for their overall health. Pet dental chews are, therefore, the must-have pet accessories that you should get familiar with and buy for your furry one. With Redmart bringing you a sheer range of these dog dental chews, you can choose the item based on your pet’s specifications and chewing tendencies.

So, basically, the dog chew bones or the sticks are meant to let your pet chew enough and thereby, maintain healthy teeth and gums. They successfully prevent tooth decay, bad breath and several other periodontal diseases that threaten the well-being of your dog. Now, you might wonder as to why your dog should ideally chew these specially made dental chews and not anything else. Well, that is obviously because these chews are made to be extremely safe and hygienic for your dog. As such, many of your dog’s stomach problems actually rise from the dirt and dust that he/she takes in while chewing on whatever stuff is available. These chews, on the other hand, are organic and at times, temptingly tasty too.

Choose dental sticks for dogs with care online

While choosing the dental sticks for dogs, you have to keep a few factors in mind. The size and breed of your dog is an important consideration and they determine the size and shape of the chew you get for your pet. For instance, a chew that will be loved by a small Dachshund will turn out to be quite inconvenient for the somewhat large-sized German shepherd. Also, the chewing tendency of your pet is a significant factor here. If your dog happens to be an aggressive chewer, it is better to go for a more durable chew that would last longer. Similarly, the one for a puppy that is about to grow his teeth can be soft and suited for temporary use only.

Redmart, featured on Lazada, brings you a range of the puppy dental chews to choose from. Explore your options and be assured of paying the best possible price because the store offers a price match guarantee on all its products. Did you just spot an identical product at a lower regular selling price in a competitor store? Let the store know and they will compensate you with double the difference in price. Plus, you get to enjoy island wide delivery for all 7 days of the week, from 7 AM to 10 PM. And above all, as a Lazada LiveUp member, you are further entitled to enjoy free delivery on purchases above SGD 40.00 on orders placed here along with 5% rebate on all products.